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Rapid Renovations

Rapid Renovations

Thinus Jacobs
Project and Maintenance Manager
012 332 3149

Rapid Rentals also specialize in renovations. Due to the fact that the founder of Rapid Rentals is also a property developer, he has identified a niche in the market for renovations.

Most home owners who want to enlarge or renovate their property usually do not know where to start.

We can provide you with a comprehensive service, supplying you with any information you might require.

  • We have an in-house architect who can design anything you want to build in and on your property.
  • We can quote you on building plans as well as all the material that will be needed.
  • We can help you choose finishes – we are able to supply you with samples.
  • We have reliable suppliers that we use – ranging from tiles, cupboards, paint etc.
  • We have the manpower to do all the work, from start to finish.
  • We also have a skilled and experienced person who is able to create a spectacular garden for you and maintain it if required.

Call us now to get your renovations started.